What Is Colocation Facility and Data Center? Get All Your Answers

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A colocation facility is a service that a data center offers to businesses. In this service, businesses rent rack space from Data Centers for hosting their own servers & other computing hardware. Note that here, the data center only offers space, internet, and electricity. We’re not counting the server, management, etc here. Businesses have to take care of that by themselves.

Some Data centers offer managed services along with the rack but that obviously chargeable apart from the colo subscription. As we know not all businesses can build their own data center, they need this colocation facility. Now if you’re thinking about what is colocation data center, then the data center offering this service to businesses falls in this category.

Several organizations that require a highly secure & scalable server system, find this service the perfect match for them. If you’re interested in colo services & want to know more about this then, this article has all your answers. Read the blog till the end & then smartly make your decision as per your business requirements.

What Is Colocation Data Center & Its Features

Users can enjoy several features that the colocation facility offers. It pretty much fulfills all the requirements of businesses with these best-in-class features it has.

Physical Security Fetaures
The servers are well protected from all physical threats. There is no way your data can be physically stolen or tampered with as the data center does not allow users for that.

Physical durability
The racks & entire hardware storage facility are very durable. The racks are fireproof & the temperature of the server room is also maintained to keep your servers cool.

Guaranteed reliability
The Internet bandwidth is unmatchable as users can get maximum uptime without any issues. This can make us understand what is the use of colocation facility.

Redundant internet connectivity
There is no need to worry about internet connectivity. Data centers generally have multiple sources of the internet to make sure users do not have to face any downtime.

Redundant power
Just like the internet, the power supply also comes from multiple sources. This way there is no chance of power cuts & power failure.

Compliance with various regulations
All the rules & regulations are strictly followed by the data centers to run their businesses. Hence, businesses can assure that they aren’t breaking any rules.

On-site technical support
Whenever businesses require any technical support on-site. The  Datacenter can offer those services. This way businesses can maximize their uptime even more.

What Is Colocation Facility Setup Procedure for Businesses?

The procedure is quite easy. Business representatives just need to contact the Datacenter & select their plans. They can host their servers on the designated racks & run them without an issue.  There’s nothing much in the process as it’s as simple as purchasing any other data center service.

However, what’s even more significant is the advantages that businesses get after setting up their servers in a data center. Below are these advantages mentioned too. This can help users to know what is the use of colocation facility.

  • Leasing space in a data center rather than building their own data center is way cheaper. Here, users can save a lot of money which can be further beneficial in making their services better.
  • Users can set up the servers of their own choice with the storage capability of their requirements with ease. Moreover, businesses can get frequent updates & backups with a wide range of information.
  • Now we know what is colocation facility in terms of security. A colocation facility protects the data from cyber-attacks & follows strict security protocols to provide a complete 360° protection.
  • The cooling system here is way better than what a business can create in their local server room. Their servers can work faster without any errors in a controlled environment.

How does Data Center Infrastructure Matter?

Before you select any data center, make sure you do all your homework. Users should be aware of the data center’s physical standards. As different offices have different types of amenities & even different buildings. Similarly, data centers are also of different tiers. It helps users to select the one that suits their budget as well as requirements.

Users can understand what is colocation facility in a better way if they are well aware of the data center tier they are opting for.

There are four categories of data centers available as stated:

  • Tier-1 Data Center
  • Tier-2 Data Center
  • Tier-3 Data Center
  • Tier-4 Data Center

The most preferable tiers of the data center are tiers 3 & 4. All the best services that businesses require are present in these two tiers. The higher a data center’s tier is, the more secure it is.

Tier 1 & 2 data centers are also considered if businesses do not have security on their priority list. Now if someone asks you what is colocation data center & which tier is good then you know that it depends on the requirements of users.

What is Colocation Facility Security Standard?

Security is the first priority of most businesses when it comes to cloud-based events. Colocation service providers make sure that your server is well protected from all sorts of physical threats. Our advice for businesses is to clear all sorts of security standards in advance.

After learning what is the use of colocation facility, security is what businesses focus the most on. Security standards here are of utmost level & have several features like fault-tolerant servers, 24×7 technical assistance, Zone 8/9 Physical Server Security, etc.

Pricing Structure of the Colocation Facility

After learning what is colocation facility, it’s time for the pricing. Every colocation service provider has its own pricing model. Moreover,  Some providers bill their tenants on the basis of racks consumed by them. However, some providers make the bill per square foot. The most important factor here is to understand that this is not the final pricing.

The final cost is determined on the basis of several other factors mentioned below.

  • Bandwidth Usage by the server.
  • Power consumption by the server.
  • Quality of technical support incidents.
  • The geographic location of the data center.
  • A support contract for 24×7 support services.

The Final Verdict

We hope now all the users are well aware of what is a colocation facility. If you are thinking of opting for colocation services, then ServerUncle offers the best services at affordable prices. In addition, wisely make your decision for selecting your colocation service provider as the wrong one can spoil your experience. Having years of experience in this field, ServerUncle is way more professional & leaves no room for any mishappening. Hence, all our clients do not have any complaints so far.

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