Is Public Cloud Safe? Should You Consider A Private Cloud?

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is public cloud secure

User Query: “Hey there, I’m Kevin J. Noble from the United States & planning to go for cloud hosting. Is public cloud safe? Should I go for the private cloud or the public cloud is good enough for me? I’m into the E-Commerce vertical & quite confused about the selection of the server. Please help me decide the best option for me.

As we can see in the above user query, the user is quite confused regarding the type of cloud server he needs. We, as experts are going to suggest to him the most ideal choice. Therefore, we’re going to know is public cloud secure & if not, then why public cloud is less secure than other options? We are quite sure that this article is going to a lot of users as we get similar queries in our emails.

This article is all about the public cloud, its advantages, & drawbacks. It’ll help users to know each & every detail in depth. Moreover, we’re going to explain if you need to move towards the private cloud as well. So, stay tuned to this informative article till the end. We are sure that you’ll get detailed answers to all your questions regarding the Public Cloud.

Why Public Cloud Is Less Secure & What It Is In Real?

There are various server and its types from which users need to select the one that suits them. If we talk about the public cloud, then we need to know everything about it to understand our requirements & its capabilities.

Public cloud concept is basically an IT infrastructure model that is based on sharing of hardware resources among several parties to enjoy the hosting services at less price. As we can see it is shared, we get user queries like is public cloud secure. Our answer to this is that if it’s shared & several parties are involved & you may face security breaches.

A lot of users say that as it is more attacked by hackers, it has become more secure. But still, your server is not only yours. Several other users are also on this & have credentials to the server which may carry the risk of cyber attacks. To know this better, let’s move forward to the next sections having advantages & shortcomings of the public cloud.

Public Cloud

We are hoping that now users are clear with what exactly a Public Cloud is & how it is different from a private Cloud. Now, it’s time to know about the advantages of the Public Cloud.

Is Public Cloud Safe? If Yes, Then What Are The Advantages?

First, let’s move toward the advantages of the public cloud to know what capabilities it has & what benefits we can extract from it. Then after, we can move on to the drawbacks section respectively to be aware of the risks involved.

Better Cost Efficiency

We all know that the public cloud is cheaper in comparison to other solutions. However, now let’s have a look at the reason for it being affordable. So, mainly there are two factors as low cost of equipment & low cost of maintenance. This is because the expense is shared among other parties relying on the same hardware platform.

The Disaster Recovery

It is much easier to manage disaster recovery here as cloud providers have multiple backup infrastructures. This helps users in countering why public cloud is less secure query as it allows faster recovery. Moreover, because of modern service providers, it is not really expensive nowadays.

Range and Scalability

Here, you can see a vitalizing division of resources among customers, which allows users to meet peak demands with double or triple computing & storage requirements. This also does not affect the cost factor as well as the workload. It allows you to evolve at a better speed in limited resource availability.

More Flexible In Nature

Users can quickly adapt to the heavy loads here. They can easily add & eliminate resources based entirely on their requirements. Evidently, users can easily reduce the complexity & time involved in the tests & implementations of the new applications.

Disadvantages – Know Why Public Cloud is Less Secure?

Now after the above advantages, being aware of the limitations is equally important to know what we may have to face & it gives us enough time to prepare accordingly. Know is public cloud secure & if not then why?

Security Measures

The first & major disadvantage that we have is the lack of security measures. As w know that the arrangements of security &s safety of the servers always come first. However, being on a shared server allow multiple users to utilize the resources from the same hardware increasing the latency. Being on the same IP address, errors in your neighbor’s site may also affect your site’s performance on search engines.

Expensive Sometimes

Although shared hosting or public cloud is cheaper, if you opt for the pay-as-you-go model, it can be really expensive. This is why users should always monitor their usage strictly in such cases. Otherwise, you may end up having a heavy billing amount.

Limited Customization

After countering user query is public cloud safe, there another issue that they have to tackle. It is the customization process. Because of being in a shared environment, customization can only be possible if all other users are on good terms with that. This is why only limited options are available here for customization.

Limited Closer Support

A lot of service providers do not offer various services with the basic plans of the public cloud. For an instance, we can say that there are several free clouds available but users need to get their own solutions for that. This makes it quite complex. Moreover, some applications do not support virtual cloud & require a physical dedicated server.

There is always a good & a bad side to anything. We have to figure out which is more dominant. Hence, it can help us identify if that’s going to suit us or not.

Is Public Cloud Safe & Why You Should Go for Private Cloud?

Now coming to the user query above, the client has an E-Commerce website & that needs to hold the data of all the customers. That data must be protected from all kinds of potential threats.

This requires a dedicated or private cloud instead of the shared one. The private cloud allows users to select from the Linux Vs Windows Server as per their requirements.

We need to simply differentiate the public cloud from the private cloud using an example then the House & apartment example is the best. The private cloud is like a house that you own & have total control over it. It’s you who have to manage the entire house & you can do it with the budget & management you like. You can make security measures as strong as you want

On the other hand, the public cloud is an apartment in a building. You have control of just your apartment. If the generator of the building has some issues, your apartment will also get affected. The management will take care of the maintenance & you need to pay fixed charges. Moreover, the security arrangements are standard for all the residents.

Now that we know why public cloud is less secure. To get better security and more control over the server, a private cloud is best. Serveruncle also offers dedicated hosting or private cloud at the best ever prices than before. In addition, users can get all the options available for customization as per their needs.

The Final Verdict

Is public cloud safe & Secure? We have successfully answered this query & we are hoping that all the concerned users with similar queries are now clear about which cloud is for them. Users just need to understand that different clouds are available to satisfy different types of needs of users.

You just have to figure out which one is the perfect match for you. Once you get this, you won’t have queries like is shared hosting safe & reliable or not anymore? You can easily select the best solution depending on your workload.


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