Linux Vs Windows Server Comparison – Which One Should You Opt For?

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Linux Vs Windows Server

Are planning to get hosting for your website? If yes then you must be confused about a lot of factors. In this blog, we are going to experience a face-off for Linux vs Windows servers. Both servers have their own specialties & loopholes. Let us understand which one is better & why.

If you opt for Linux servers, you can get a wide range of benefits. Despite being less user-friendly & a bit difficult to operate it has several benefits that make users opt for this solution over others. Let it be security criteria or cost factor, it proved itself on every standard. Hence, it is one of the most used operating systems for servers. Moreover, who wouldn’t like an open-source solution.

When we talk about the Windows server, we have different advantages & loopholes. It’s easy to operate & offers a refined workflow to users in comparison to Linux. It is undoubtedly a low-maintenance & powerful platform for users.

Linux vs Windows server

Whether you have knowledge about server & its types or not, you can select the best server for you. Just read the entire article carefully. Let’s analyze which one is better, Windows or Linux based on several standards mentioned below.

Linux Vs Windows Server Cost Factor & Efficiency

When we talk about the cost factor then we can say that Linux is way more affordable than Windows. This is simply because it is an open-source solution. However, we all know that Windows is a licensed operating system.

If you opt for the Linux server then you need to pay just for the installation, technical support & maintenance. In the case of Windows, users either need to pay for the operating system or the periodic software license along with the standard maintenance charge, installation & support.

Not paying for licenses by choosing Linux is a time & money-saving move. Evidently, Linux is much better in order to keep your server up & running all time. It clearly wins the battle when it comes to the cost factor.

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Whose Performance is Better? – Windows or Linux

Windows win this standard in the battle of Linux Vs Windows server performance. If you need performance, the Windows server is meant for you. Below is the statement to justify this statement.

Performance plays a very crucial role in server hosting. There is no point in selecting any operating system if it lacks performance benchmarks. When we compare both Linux & Windows in terms of performance then Windows has an upper edge. Thesis because of the various features it offers that are not possible for an open-source platform. If you need a performance-oriented server then Windows is a better option.

Linux also performs very well but due to its open-source nature, there are certain limitations on it which restrict it from offering the utmost level of smooth performance. Users can not increase their work efficiency with Linux as fast as they could have done with Windows.

Linux vs Windows Server Security Measures – Let’s Find the Safest One

Let’s understand this section with the help of an example. If a product is more famous & used worldwide, it’s obvious that various users across the globe would have mastery over that. This is why windows are less secure than Linux. Linux is not as widely used as Windows & this is why it is difficult for cyber criminals to intrude into such a system.

Users all around the world are using Windows for years & that is why they are habitual of it. Hence, it’s easy to hack a system that people are more familiar with. This is why Windows lags behind in this race for security standards. Although it is also secure but not to the extent of the Linux Server.

Linux Desktop

Which one is the safest for you totally depends on your requirements. However, we can say that the Linux server has a slightly upper edge.

All the Windows Server Key Highlights

After learning the Linux vs Windows server security measures, it’s time to take a close look at Windows server capabilities. There are a lot of benefits of having a Windows server that users can not get on a Linux server. Some of the major ones are listed below.

Simplified UI & Support
The windows server comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface whereas Linux has a command line. This makes the Windows server easy to operate by even new users. In addition, users get expert assistance from Microsoft whenever needed.

Integration with MS Applications
Windows applications work much better with Windows servers as they are designed that way. This makes windows servers more valuable than Linux because, in the end, a majority of applications are by Windows. Hence, they work in proper sync with the Windows server.

Remote Desktop Access
Windows offer a remote desktop whereas Linux is based on the command line. Managing a server with a Windows OS is way easier for the system administrator even with bare minimum experience.

Another major aspect that most of us neglect is that users are already aware of Windows OS & its technicalities. There is no need to train them. However, For Linux servers, not all users are trained.

What’s Good in Linux Server To Get Noticed

We learned that in Linux vs Windows server performance, windows clearly wins & has several benefits. However, let’s have a look at the Linux features & the sectors where it dominates.

Access to Open Source Application
We know Windows application works well with Windows server. Similarly, open-source applications blend well with Linux servers & provide effective results. To use Windows applications with Linux servers, there are additional configurations that need to be done.

More Reliable Than Windows
Overall, Linux is more practical for users. This is because it uses fewer resources in comparison to the Windows server making it much more efficient. Users are free to optimize their servers as per their needs without any limitations.

Simplistic Modifications
Linux leads to Linux vs Windows server cost factor and is also easy to upgrade. Windows users need to wait for the upgrade whereas Linux users can upgrade as per security requirements. This is a very crucial advantage present in the Linux server.

Windows Desktop

It’s quite obvious that if something is not that popular, there will be fewer users working on that platform. This is the reason users consider Linux a little more secure as hackers are aware of the ways to bypass the security here.

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On A Final Note

Finally, we know the qualities & loopholes of both servers. It’s time to make a decision regarding which one to opt for.  There is no fixed decision that we can advise users to opt for. As their qualities are different, the purposes are also different. For example, the Windows server is good for gaming & high-performance work but Linux is more secure from a website hosting point of view.

Users need to make the decision by themselves after analyzing their requirements. We can not start a battle of Linux Vs Windows Server as both can serve different purposes. Both are genuine & work well if maintained properly.


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