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If you are looking for bare metal server hosting, then we are always there to support your business. We are happy to offer powerful hardware to meet your expectations.

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Highlights of Our Bare Metal Server in India

Control & Security

Control & Security

These servers are totally secure by firewalls & Anti-DDoS. They offer full control over the servers that are accessible from anywhere across the world.

SSD Powered Storage

SSD Powered Storage

The servers we provide are SSD powered & can execute tasks at a very high speed. This directly increases the work efficiency & also saves crucial time.

Unbeatable Hardware

Unbeatable Hardware

ServerUncle offers IBM, Dell, & HP servers. It enables users to get high performance & I/O speed. Users can run the most demanding applications easily.

Bare Metal Server Needs

Why Do We Need Cloud Bare Metal Server?

After several surveys & research, IT experts realized that in comparison to other hosting alternatives, bare metal is much more powerful & is capable of scaling the business at an exponential rate. Let’s understand why it is preferable over other alternatives.

A Server Loaded with Features
It enables businesses to tackle any kind of challenge in the most efficient manner. It results in a direct boost for business productivity with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, such platforms offer unbeatable power, performance & security. The especially is that the powerful hardware is in your control & you can customize it accordingly.

A Server Ready for the Future
According to various surveys, the current market of servers in the bare metal category is somewhere around $1.2 billion or more. This is expected to rise & cross the milestone of $26 billion dollars by the year 2025. For this reason, experts consider this as a future-proof solution that businesses can opt for.

What Makes Us the Best Provider of Cloud Bare Metal Server?

What Makes Us Best

Customization King
We truly understand the fact that just like human beings, every business is different in its own way. This is why we offer plans, not the way we want your business to adapt but the way your business requires it.

Optimum Performance
Customization is valuable only if you are getting the expected performance in return without any issues. Here, we offer the commercial-grade bare metal server along with top-notch security. Our unlimited bandwidth is enough to justify this statement.

Budget-Friendly Plans
Every quality is seems faded if you are not getting it for a reasonable price. We understand this entirely. This is why we have strategically designed our subscription model to offer cost-efficient services.

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Crucial Reasons to Choose Our

Bare Metal Server Hardware

Know the actual reasons why you should select ServerUncle to meet your expectations. We aim for utmost professionalism & undoubted accuracy for our valuable clients.

Dedicated Resources

It enables users with high-end computing capabilities. There is no hypervisor overhead & users get the performance of the entire machine as no virtualization is used.

99.99% Server Uptime

ServerUncle aims for maximum server uptime. We are maintaining an average of 99.99% uptime from the past several years that offer an uninterpreted network to clients.

Accessibility of Server

It is possible to access bare metal server hardware through a private network. Users can connect using any remote web access simply. It offers secure & structured access.

24×7 Customer Support

Our support team is active all days of the week & that too is 24×7. We ensure that none of our clients has to face difficulties. Connect us & get solutions right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can upgrade your subscription plans at any given point of time you want to.

Not just in India, but if you are getting a bare metal server anywhere in the world, you should consider the specifications of the hardware, bandwidth & other minor technicalities.

We can understand this by saying that it is a physical hardware machine that businesses can get & configure as per their business needs to operate. We can say that it is an advanced version of a dedicated server.

We monitor all our servers 24×7, all year in order to detect all potential threats in advance.

Yes. It is 360° secured from every perspective with strong firewalls & Anti-DDoS protection.

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