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Are you are looking for the best shared servers? then ServerUncle is one of the most reliable shared server hosting providers in India. Get your server now & touch the sky as high as you want to. Contact us now to get servers as per your needs.

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Key Features
ServrUncle’s Shared Server Hosting has Helpful Features


Budget-Friendly Plans
Users can get the most affordable subscription plans that no other hosting provider can challenge. Moreover, the quality & performance are not compromised to get the cost down.

Security on Peak
Security is not compromised at all even after the plans are affordable. DDoS protection & advanced firewalls eliminate all entrances for any kind of cyber threats to your website.

Utmost Server Uptime
Server Uptime is our expertise. We can offer you 99.995% server uptime so that your websites are always up & running. It helps you to focus on core business operations.

SSL Certificates
Being one of the leading shared server hosting providers, we offer SSL certificates to boost our client's confidence. It secures the connection between visitors & website with ease.

Lighting Fast Loading
Despite resources getting shared, these servers offer lightning-fast speed & load websites quickly. Due to continuous monitoring, users can get fluent performance at a budget price.

24×7 Live Support
We provide experts assistance 24×7 to our clients for their shared server. Whenever you need help, contact our support team & we surely solve your issues as soon as possible.

More Features

Advantages with
ServerUncle Shared Server Hosting Providers in India


Rich Scalability

It is easy to scale up your plans with ServerUncle whenever you need it. All of this is possible without any complicated procedures. Start with basic needs & upgrade as per time & business growth.


Fully Managed

We manage your server entirely to give you always running sites with fast loading time. Regular updates, server management & threats monitoring are what we take care of in your shared server hosting.

Manifold Datacenter

Best Infrastructure

Tier Ⅲ & Ⅳ grade data center is built with state of the art technology & strategically located in order to give the best proximity. 8 zone layer of security maintains your shared server & data integrity for sure.

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Why We Are the Best Shared Server Providers in India

For running any business, professionalism is something that helps a lot in a long term. It can evidently result in growth & our customers acknowledge that. They share that this helped them too & the results speak the everything else than this.

Server Quality
Quality is what makes a business better than others. We give maximum output from our side. This results in your visitors getting the quality that they expect. We want you to achieve this too by choosing us as your shared server hosting providers.

Efficiency is also a crucial element & our affordable plans contribute to increasing your efficiency higher to maximize your revenue. So without wasting any time, contact our support team to get your shared server now as per your requirements.

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Commonly Asked Questions

In this hosting service, the focus is to keep the cost as minimal as it can be while keeping the power at an intermediate level. Here, the resources of a machine are shared by multiple websites & parties.

Yes, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade your plans at any time. We allow flexible plans for better controllability.

As one of the leading shared server hosting providers in India, ServerUncle takes care of your data. We have DDoS protection & advanced firewalls that can easily protect your server from any kind of threat.

First of all, we have enough security systems that can detect all potential threats in advance. Secondly, we offer regular backups & NOC monitoring as an optional feature for a safe side.

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