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If you’re looking for VPS Windows server hosting to host your website, then contact ServerUncle now to get the best ever quotation. Experience the power & stability of the Windows at the best price.

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Round-the-Clock Support
Our Technical Experts team works day & night, round the clock to quickly solve your problem anytime it arises without any delays. We promise to guide you whenever you need us.

Maximum Server Uptime
With strategically designed data centers we are able to offer a maximum uptime of 99.995%. This makes it quite easy for you to run your business operations without interruptions.

Defense against DDoS Attacks
DDoS attacks are getting nowadays but you don't need to worry even a bit. That's because ServerUncle offers DDoS protection to you with other advanced firewalls for utmost safety.

Servers with SSDs
Server without speed makes visitors' experience poor. This is why we have SSD-powered servers that transmit data quickly in Windows VPS hosting to minimize the loading time.

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
We offer dedicated IP addresses in our VPS hosting to our clients. We have options for dedicated IPs such as IPv4 & IPv6. Users can select from them as per their needs & budget.

Full Root Access
To provide total control to users of their server, we give them full root access to the server. This way there is no limitation on the operations that users can undergo using the server.

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Flexibility & Control

We try to offer as much flexibility to users as they want. They can entirely control their servers as per their preference. We provide full root access that enables them to perform all kinds of operations they want.


On-Point Security

ServerUncle Windows VPS server offers security at its best. We take care of both the physical & digital security of data. Our data center is secured & nobody can get access without relevant permissions assigned.

Manifold Datacenter

Manifold Datacenter

We have strategically set up multiple data centers in various locations in India & abroad. Our multiple data centers ensure minimum possible latency along with the highest proximity to provide best in class service.

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Why Windows VPS Hosting is Better than Others

Windows is most preferred for VPS hosting services as it is widely used throughout the world & all users easily understand its interface. Moreover, Windows is quite reliable in terms of safety also.

Premium Experience
Windows OS is premium in this segment & majority of users are used to it. GUI of Windows is familiar for users & it results in increased efficiency.

High Power
Windows is much better in terms of power. It costumes much more power but then it increases the performance of the server to a great extent.

Admin DashBoard
If you opt as your Windows server VPS provider, we offer an admin dashboard to manage everything from one place without any kind of hassles.


Windows VPS Best for You or Not?

Windows VPS server can be fruitful for different types of businesses in various ways. You can get boost up your operations in half of the time you’ve expected. ServerUncle will be with you in your journey.

Education & Training

Education & training are one of the major reasons why users across the world consider Windows VPS as a stable & powerful option. Learn something new without lags with ServerUncle’s VPS.

Game Servers

Gaming servers with a limited number of players can also look out for VPS in order to get affordable yet powerful enough servers. In recent trends, we’ve hosted various Windows VPS for gaming purposes.

Word Press

For tech-savvy personnel, it’s quite easy to configure their VPS to get the most out of their Word Press & fulfill its needs. You can get better control & flexibility over settings through Windows VPS hosting.


ServerUncle as a Windows server VPS provider understands that for the E-Commerce sector, VPS is a boon. It is helpful in enhancing visitors' experience & improving SEO for your websites evidently.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Our technical team keeps regular backups for our clients having the relevant subscription plans.

Yes, we offer IPv4 & IPv6 addresses with our VPS Windows server hosting as per our clients' requirements.

ServerUncle promise to deliver your server in minutes after all the formalities. Our clients do not need to wait for hours.

We provide unmetered bandwidth, which means there is no limit on the bandwidth that you can use.

Without a doubt, our safety measures are up to the mark & we are running ISO-certified data centers. There is no need to get worried about security.

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